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This game is great. I can't wait to play it next updates. 

But can someone tell me where to find Elena no.6 scenes after the date scene. 

Please Help

HI! I almost got all from this game 10/10

but i have a question... how do i get the 5th gallery picture from Elena??

how do i date katie? haven't gotten a response from discord

what do i do with grace's dress?


How do I unlock these scenes? 

Those are at the brothel. Go yo the city park at night and click the "sweet taste" sign. The additional scenes can be accesses by picking an option from the menu. You may need to buy something from the shopping list to access it

Hi, does anyone knows when/how do I meet Cynthia?

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Need help finding Easter eggs, found almost everything except one 6/7

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I got a question, there is this odd thing called "clipboard voicing" and im on mobile, how do I end up turning that off? (I dont even know howI turned it on...)

Please help, me figure this out whenever you can.


Amazing game - cant wait for the full release

Gonna buy it for sure!!!


when new update?

oh my god XD, the second that i saw that dude with the scarf at the end i was thinking katakuri, and you actualy called the character katakuti :D. you just made my day


Does this game still get updated? Just wondering because its been a while since the last update.


probably because the new update is just taking longer, have patience


HI is there any pregnancy chances for having kids?


think for yourself and then think on it more, WHY

I have a question, if I download this on my pc is there anything diffrent from the mobile version?

how can i find the blue flower for terestta story

look at the flower thing at different times of the day, they are randome when they spawn but the blue ones are at night and midnight

I got a question? If I were to send money (how it says you can purchase) would I get everything that the patreon has?

To get those benefits, you would need to become a patron.

When I become a patreon, or if I do, how do I like purchase it? With a visa card or a debit card etc.

Somehow today I was playing on my phone, which had wifi turned on, during the game a message appeared: "Session expired, please log in again". When I played with the internet turned off, another message appeared: "no internet connection". These messages appeared during this game and I wonder if it's trying to log in somewhere in the background. Antivirus scans found nothing. I am a bit sensitive to such suspicious actions after I accidentally stumbled upon a viral game with itch[.]io and would not like to have a repeat

If you've downloaded the game from this page or our patreon, you're fine. Game has discord rich presence, maybe that's way there was some connection issues.


Need to honestly make a Hana only version, and then add like a storybase along with it that would be rather cool/intresting.

think of the work

Can the paper cup beach girls become targets as well plz

Anyone please tell how to make lamp in new update.

Mine amethyst in Realm of Heat, use Godot to refine into gemstone, and use crafting table in school to combine with lamp you buy from Cindy.

the game is good, but it would be better if it had an option for other languages, like Portuguese, because so far the only language it has is English, if possible, put other languages .. apart from that the game is great

Is there a way to relive the moments, Like the mother and daughter moment.

Gallery, i think

How do you get to the gallery

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Please tell how to make Amethyst Lamp in new update?

Where to type cheats ?

Also Discord not working


game is good but i'd rather continue using my save from the previous version instead of a completed file when the next update comes

just go into the old version's files and copy the data file from there to paste it into the new file, usually works with whichever game I end up updating

thanks, I'll try that when the game update


Can you use this method on android

probably so, just make sure to find the data files

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brilliant game wish would have more 3 way scenes you can do over and over again like if you could get emma and her daughter together if you could that would be an amazing update


i have save on 0.1.7 then i tried loading in 0.1.8 but can't be load, any help ?

Deleted 25 days ago
Watch out guys, there is a dumbass claiming this game and other one to install a virus in your pc, he´s spaming these fake games in other +18 games, report this fking rat.

The page appears to be gone now


Amazing game! Played nonstop and it took me 2 and a half days of straight playing to complete very great quality. Only things that would be awesome are

-improvements on oral sound effects

-ability to visit katarinas house 

-always room for more characters

-more anal would be neat

-ability to visit some of the stores in the city 

-ability to rewatch the sex scenes

I hope when the game is finished it comes out amazing. This game is looking steam quality 

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there's a gallery in the save menu to rewatch them and when you progress with the characters you can visit the "candy" shop and the musical (even if the musical is just a scene)

Does this game have a Spanish language?


It may not be intentional, but in the chess mini-game it shouldn't be possible to checkmate the white king since the black king is in check with the b4 pawn, and it would be considered an illegal move. Therefore, the only option should be to capture the b4 pawn or move out of its range.


The white b4 pawn cannot take backwards. The black pawn is checkmating the white king with the king and rook because it covers the e2 square, otherwise it wouldn't be a checkmate

Sorry, that's the image for the "correct" answer. This is the one I use to indicate that you can't checkmate the black king


ok but white started at the top of the board so the white pawn doesn't check the king  because like iduno999 said the white pawn is advancing downwards

Can you make the gallery for every scene because we couldn't use our load from the past version so

You can't load the ones you saved in older versions, thats bull shit, I got lots of money in there man I been grinding that shit. Well that's sad 😓

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Ok, i kind of need some help with the last few scenes. Im missing:

Emma's last scene

Irina's top middle scene

The last two in the left column in others

Any ideas how to get these last ones?

Guys how do I play on my 0.1.7 loads? I deleted the 0.1.7 download sadly

thats the neat part... you don't.


is there pregnancy planned in game? looking for more good harem games with impregnation/pregnancy

looking forward to continue leveling friendship with teacher lumin.


I need a help, I can't level un Natalie to level 4. Coyote club is level 8 and hawk club is level 4...I should have all the requisites to rank up

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*Edit* not played this in a while and just downloading the newest version

if i am remembering right the club quest are multi-quests, have you tried doing the first part of the hawk quest  first

Yes, hawk club is level 4 full bar. And Coyote Club is level 8 full bar. I can't go on because hawk club need coyote club at level 9, and coyote club need Natalie level 4...I'm confused...all other girls are maxed out

hmmm... i think it's a bug

if you press continue on the main menu and continue for the last version you start with the coyote club almost at 9 all you need to do is get Rachel to level 2

Great game, well done graphics. beautiful plot, characters treated also for the characters. Well done. I hope the game lasts a long time. It's very interesting.

adding katakuri is hilarious, havent passed the intro scene yet but i do hope he uses his devil fruit

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